City pass

Guidelines for the granting of the Bernau and Eberswalde city pass

The city pass is intended to improve the opportunity for citizens whose main place of residence is in the city of Bernau bei Berlin or the city of Eberswalde, who are economically or otherwise disadvantaged due to physical impairments, to participate in social life in both cities.

The city pass is issued to citizens whose main place of residence is registered in the city of Eberswalde at the Eberswalde city administration office during office hours.

The "Bernauer und Eberswalder Stadtpass" entitles you to discounts at the following facilities and events:

in Bernau near Berlin

  • Cultural, sporting and other events organised by the city or by bodies sponsored by it
  • cultural municipal facilities (museum, FRAKIMA, municipal library
  • 3 swimming pools in the city (Plansche, Waldfrieden outdoor pool and Waldbad am Liepnitzsee)
  • Sports forum
  • Hussite Festival

in Eberswalde

  • City library
  • Museum in the Adlerapotheke incl. guided city tours
  • Zoo
  • Family garden
  • Events organised by the Cultural Office of the City of Eberswalde
  • Baff

It is valid for one year and can be extended by one year at the Citizens' Office if the social circumstances still apply. The city pass is only valid in conjunction with the relevant identity card or passport.

Required documents

  • valid identity card or passport
  • Notification of basic income support for jobseekers/social benefit or
  • Notification of basic income support in old age and in the event of reduced earning capacity or
  • Notification of benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act or
  • Notification of social assistance or
  • Notification of housing benefits in accordance with the Housing Benefits Act or
  • Student card or
  • Proof of training activity or
  • Notification of benefits for subsistence in accordance with the third chapter of SGB XII or in accordance with § 27a or § 27d of the Federal Pension Act or
  • Proof of the degree of disability or
  • Notification of special welfare under the Federal Welfare Act or
  • Proof that you are the sole parent of one or more children, together with a notification of child benefit or
  • Notification of supplementary child allowance or
  • Notification of care services or
  • Notification of care allowances or
  • Decision on reduced earning capacity pension