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Eberswalde - a Town Between Forests and Water

Eberswalde is a medium-sized, old 'forest town' just 50km north-east of Berlin, half an hour by train. The famous artist Paul Wunderlich was born in Eberswalde and lived here as a boy. Also the Nobel prize winner and heart specialist Werner Forßmann worked here and gave his name to one of the local hospitals.

This town of about 42,000 inhabitants near the Polish border used to be an industrial hot spot on the banks of the historic Finow Canal. Germany's first rolling mill stood here and until German reunification in 1990 hundreds of cranes were built here. Today you can still see them in use all over the world. Students from many different parts of Germany and abroad study forestry at the town's up-to-date and growing University of Applied Sciences.

Downtown Eberswalde is a mixture of old and contemporary architecture. It is thrilling to see the 750-year-old Maria-Magdalenen Church next to the new and very modern county administration building called 'Paul-Wunderlich Haus', the nicely renovated market square and the traditional town hall. The town museum is located in one of Eberswalde's oldest buildings—a half-timbered pharmacy. Here, interesting exhibitions and shows are waiting for visitors.

Surrounded by forests Eberswalde lies in a flat glacial valley. Nearby there are many lakes with clean water, canals and locks. You can tour the Finow Canal aboard the 'Anneliese' or rent a small motor boat to explore the water ways. Eberswalde's modern harbour lies directly on the busy Oder-Havel-Canal. Cyclists fancy riding along the Finow Canal on a well-kept former towpath. The fresh air is good for body and soul.

Children love a day out in the so-called 'Family Garden', where they can play and run around as much as they like while their parents take time to enjoy the many flowers and interesting plant designs of this wonderful park.

Away from the centre you can go for a walk or jog through the forests or explore the University's Dendrological Garden. Wolves and bears live together in the award-winning Eberswalde Zoo which is popular not only with families. Among the hundreds of animals there are exotic parrots, monkeys, lions, tigers, penguins and snakes but also goats to caress for the little ones.

In summer, classical music concerts attract many visitors to the ancient Monastery of Chorin nearby. Another tourist attraction is the Ship Lift in Niederfinow which connects the river Oder with the Oder-Havel-Canal. It is spectacular to watch ships being lifted up or down 36 metres. Come and see for yourself! Visit Eberswalde--the town between forests and water.

© Text written by Edda Beier, Reiner Gülisch, Christa and Dietrich Kretschmar, Margrit Krieger, Horst Nuglisch, Wera Schulz, Christa and Karl-Helmut Spolert, all participants of an English class for seniour citizens offered by VIVATAS GmbH Seniorenakademie, taught by Christine Mohr-Benfer M.A..

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