EU funding, ERDF, EAFRD

With the Stadt-Umland-Wettbewerb (=SUW) organised in 2015, the state of Brandenburg has opened up the opportunity for urban-rural cooperations to receive EU funding for the development of the region; these are funds from

ERDF - European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020

EAFRD - European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

The city of Eberswalde, together with the neighbouring municipality of Schorfheide and the neighbouring authorities of Britz-Chorin-Oderberg, Joachimsthal (Schorfheide) and Biesnthal-Barnim, has successfully applied to the SUW as a cooperation for the central area of Eberswalde. Around € 20 million in EU funding from the ERDF and EAFRD funds has been promised for the Eberswalde Central Region Co-operation.

The joint strategy "GREEN.CLEVER.TOGETHER - Shaping prospects for quality of life for all generations together" is based on the following guidelines

A. Developing habitats
B. Securing services of general interest
C. Forcing inclusive education
D. Promoting the tourism region
E. Improve CO2 balance, increase energy efficiency
F. Strengthening the business location

The projects for which EU funding is used (80 % grant for ERDF / 75 % grant for EAFRD) are presented below.

ERDF projects

EAFRD projects

The lists are supplemented in accordance with the approval of the funding. The List of approved EAFRD projects:

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