Urban policy

Welcome to the city politics pages, where you can find out about the work of the political bodies. At the centre of the information is the City Council as the representative body of the citizens and the highest decision-making body of the city.

The City Council consists of 37 members (36 city councillors and the mayor).

Citizen information system

In the citizens' information system you will find information on members, committees, meetings and draft resolutions of the City Council as well as on the rules of procedure, the parliamentary groups, local councillors and advisory boards.

Zum Bürgerinformationssystem

In the citizens' information system, we inform you about the members of the City Council, the composition of the committees and all meetings of the City Council and its committees that have taken place since 29 January 2009 - including the (public) draft resolutions scheduled for discussion at these meetings. The agendas are posted at least 10 days before the respective meeting date. The resolutions passed in public meetings can be found in the respective minutes.

You will also find information about

Please use the e-mail support for questions and comments: sitzungsdienst@eberswalde.de.

Rules of Procedure of the City Council of the City of Eberswalde
Rules of Procedure of the City Council

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Livestream of the StVV

Here you will find the livestream of the Eberswalde town council meeting from 6 pm. The recording will be available in the same place two to three days later.

StVV | Political groups

Information on the composition of the City Council.

Zu StVV | Fraktionen

Local councillors and local advisory councils

Zu Ortsvorsteher und -beiräten
Rathaus morgens in Eberswalde. Rathaus morgens in Eberswalde.

Advisory boards

According to the main statutes of the city of Eberswalde, there are a total of two advisory boards: the Senior Citizens' Advisory Board and the Cultural Advisory Board.

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Information on past and future elections.