Children and youth

Eberswalde is experiencing a positive development: More and more people are moving to the town, especially young families from Berlin who are looking for a quieter environment. Construction and refurbishment is taking place everywhere, making the town more attractive.

Eberswalde generations in dialogue:
The 10th Eberswalde Family Week

"Dialogue between the generations" - under this motto, the city of Eberswalde and the Local Alliance for Families Eberswalde invite everyone to take part in many different activities! On 15 May 2024, the International Day of the Family, we start at 15:00 with the head cinema the 10th Eberswalde Family Week at the Amadeu Antonio Civic Education Centre. An extensive and varied programme of Programmewhich ends on International Children's Day, 1 June 2024, awaits the people of Eberswalde and visitors to our city.

The Eberswalde Family Week is a joint event organised by the Local Alliance for Family Eberswalde and the city of Eberswalde.

Jugendliche auf dem Skatepark des Jugendklubs Club am Wald Jugendliche auf dem Skatepark des Jugendklubs Club am Wald

Youth and youth participation in Eberswalde

In this section, we present the youth clubs in Eberswalde and the youth coordinator. We also draw attention to current youth participation programmes.