Neighbourhood management Brandenburgisches Viertel

With the neighbourhood management office in the community centre at Schorfheidestraße 13, the city of Eberswalde offers a contact point for residents directly on site. The main task of the neighbourhood management is to support diversity in the residential area and to strengthen the identification potential for the residents.

The community centre was created from the former daycare centre "Gestiefelter Kater" (Schorfheidestraße 11-13) in 2003. Today, the "Gestiefelter Kater" daycare centre is located at Schorfheidestraße 11 and the community centre at Schorfheidestraße 13. The conversion was financed by the Socially Integrative City programme.

The idea developed from the "Generationshaus" daycare centre project. The "Generations House" offers "leisure and educational programmes during and beyond the normal childcare hours of a childcare facility, many of which are of an intergenerational nature. By integrating further permanent counselling services and creating cultural offerings, the house is to be expanded into a socio-cultural leisure and information centre for the Brandenburg district." (Network Future - Integrated Action Concept for the Brandenburg Neighbourhood 2002)

The community centre has always been run by the city of Eberswalde. After its completion, the municipal neighbourhood management Brandenburgisches Viertel moved into its office in the building alongside other organisations. The creation of synergy effects between the community centre and the neighbourhood management, both of which are sponsored by the city of Eberswalde, are essential for the respective tasks and objectives and complement each other in their tasks and objectives for the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood management team is also your local contact for information on what's on offer in the neighbourhood, funding opportunities under the Socially Integrative City programme and much more. Come along and visit us.

Room hire

Would you like to organise a party? - Whether it's a youth consecration, wedding or birthday, you can hire two large rooms including a kitchenette and WC in the community centre. Events are possible until midnight.

Costs: 70€/ day plus 50€ deposit

Contact: Mr Pfeifer

Telephone: (Mon, Fri 09 a.m. - 12 p.m.) 03334 81 82 45

Overview room hire

Raumplan Vermietung im Bürgerzentrum

Project funding "Social cohesion" programme - formerly "Socially Integrative City"

The Brandenburg Quarter of the city of Eberswalde was included in the federal "Socially Integrative City" programme in 1999. in 2001, neighbourhood management was set up in the district as part of the funding programme. Since 2020, projects in the Brandenburg Quarter have been implemented under the new programme "Social cohesion - shaping life together in the neighbourhood" (SZH). The programme aims to upgrade the building fabric in districts with particular development needs and to promote social cohesion and integration. It is also part of the urban development programme in Eberswalde. The federal, state and local authorities jointly support the programme. The programme supports projects that have a direct impact on the ground.

Would you like to find out more about the funding programme? Then take a look at the Neighbourhood Management homepage:

Do you have an idea or a project that you would like to realise in the Brandenburg Quarter? Then apply for funding from the Socially Integrative City and off you go!

What do you need to consider?

For whom?

All residents and facilities in the Brandenburg neighbourhood

For what?

For festivals and events, for short-term and quickly visible campaigns and embellishments, for equipment and materials and for long-term changes and projects


For neighbourhood development and promotion of a good neighbourhood, activation of the residents and revitalisation of the district culture

Funding amount

  • Action fund (AF) = up to €250
  • Fund project (FP) = from €250


Develop and formulate ideas, plan realisation and look for partners if necessary.

Discussion with QM

Check eligibility for funding and clarify conditions in dialogue with the QM. Read the information sheet. (see leaflet below)

Funding application

Complete the application for AF / FP and formulate and justify the action / project and submit it to the QM. (Forms see below)

Determine eligibility

  • The QM can decide on the promotion of AF.
  • Funding for FPs goes through the Speakers' Council (link) and is decided there.
  • If the project is eligible for funding, a grant notification will be issued.
  • Only start after receipt of the grant notification.

Start of the campaign

  • Now realise the action / project!
  • Payment only afterwards!

Contact us and together we will try to get the campaign / project off the ground.

Neighbourhood management
Brandenburg Quarter
District office in the community centre
Schorfheidestr. 13
16227 Eberswalde

(Tue) 03334 81 82 45
(Mon, Wed-Fri) 030 44 36 36 85

Application for action fund

Application to the Social City Spokespersons' Council (submit with the action plan!)

Description of measures (on the application for the Council of Spokespersons)

"Socially Integrative City" funding guideline for Eberswalde

General ancillary provisions for project funding

Open offers in the community centre

MADs self-help group for community activities
The MADs self-help group meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

News and dates

Social study Brandenburg Quarter 2022

In 2021, around 6,700 residents lived in the Brandenburg Quarter (BV) in Eberswalde, which was built in the 1970s and 1980s using industrial construction methods and in four construction phases. After sharp population declines between 1990 and 2010, the past five years have seen population growth, which is partly due to the admission of refugees and partly due to investments by housing companies. As part of a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning, the city of Eberswalde and housing industry stakeholders, around 60 million euros of urban development funding will be invested in housing development in the Brandenburg Quarter by 2024.

Since 1999, the Brandenburgisches Viertel has been an assisted area of the "Socially Integrative City" and "Social Cohesion" programme, within the framework of which a neighbourhood management team with a district office has been working to establish network structures and initiate low-threshold projects to strengthen social services and facilities as well as the neighbourhood and local coexistence. With regard to the additional efforts of various stakeholders at the level of the state, the city and the neighbourhood, the Brandenburgisches Viertel may be facing a new transformation in which

the neighbourhood will also become an attractive residential location for other population groups. Eberswalde's main railway station can be reached quickly thanks to the good transport connections with the trolleybus and a frequent service. From there, Berlin can be reached in around 30 minutes. This also makes the Brandenburg neighbourhood an alternative for Berliners who can no longer afford or no longer want to live in the tight Berlin housing market. Added to this is the attractive natural location - the neighbourhood is surrounded by forest.

This social study for the Brandenburgisches Viertel is only intended to update the social studies from 1999 and 2012 to a limited extent; however, developments regarding the resident population, the identity and image of the neighbourhood as well as the facilities and demand for social infrastructure are compared with each other so that changes can be identified. However, the focus of this study was set differently: the current problems in the Brandenburgisches Viertel are to be identified and, in particular, the interaction between the services and facilities of social infrastructure and the needs of the resident population are to be compared and analysed so that the need for optimisation can be derived.


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