Our city

Our town of Eberswalde is just 30 minutes from Berlin. Surrounded by forests and lakes, we present ourselves as the "cultural capital" of the north-east and as a growing business location with all educational opportunities and plenty of space for families.

Image brochure "Naturally Eberswalde!"

The "Naturally Eberswalde!" brochure highlights the advantages and beautiful aspects of urban life in the midst of green nature, while at the same time being close to "the big B" - the city of Berlin. You could also say "Naturally Eberswalde! In the centre of it all."
Image brochure "Naturally Eberswalde!"

The appearance of our city

Together with the INTO Branding agency and a working group from the administration, a new corporate design was developed to replace the old design from 21 June 2024. The city's website was also adapted accordingly as part of this process.

Why a new design?

The city logo developed in the 1990s and the associated design principles have been continuously developed and supplemented in recent years, which means that a strong, uniform image is no longer communicated to the outside world. In addition, new media formats have developed over the last 25 years, which no longer fit with the elements of the corporate design. A common design language is very important, especially in the areas of tourism and city marketing.

What is behind the new logo?

The logo of the city of Eberswalde is a word/figurative mark and consists of the boar "Ewald" as a figurative mark and the lettering "Stadt Eberswalde" as a word mark. The boar characterises the appearance of the Eberswalde trademark and is a real popular figure. As a fitting representative of the town, it embodies friendliness and dynamism as well as a subtle non-conformity that is authentic and genuine, just like our town.

The choice of colours for the new design was taken from the flag colours - thus combining the historical roots of the city with a modern and self-confident appearance of the administration.

Stadt Eberswalde Logo

Who is authorised to use the logo?

The logo may only be used for the official communication of the Eberswalde city administration. It is protected by copyright and trade mark law. Use can be requested from the city's press office. A galley proof must be submitted to the City of Eberswalde prior to publication. The logo may only be used after approval has been given. The logo may not be graphically supplemented or extended and may only be used in accordance with the design manual.

Details aus dem Buntglasfenster im Rathaus Eberswalde, man erkennt das Wappen der Stadt. Details aus dem Buntglasfenster im Rathaus Eberswalde, man erkennt das Wappen der Stadt.

Our coat of arms

You can find all information about the city coat of arms here.

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