City history

1254 - 1800

  • 1254 City foundation
  • 1276 first documentary mention of the town of Eberswalde (then still known as Everswolde)
  • 1300 Eberswalde receives market justice through the border charter
  • 1317 Relocation of the Frankfurt (Oder) - Szczecin trade route via Eberswalde
  • 1375 - 1877 Town name Neustadt or Neustadt-Eberswalde in use
  • 1499 Large city fire
  • 1532 The first provisional urban industries, two copper hammers and the first paper mill in the Mark Brandenburg were established on the Schwärze
  • 1605 - 1620 Construction of the first Finow Canal, destruction during the Thirty Years' War
  • 1691 Settlement of Swiss families in Schweizer Strasse
  • 1746 Opening of the second Finow Canal as a link between the Havel and Oder rivers, canal becomes a lifeline for the region
  • 1743 - 1755 Settlement of knife and scissors smiths from Ruhla, establishment of a steel and iron factory
  • 1750 - 1898 Establishment of the first Eberswalde health fountain, numerous trials for a spa and bathing operation using ferruginous springs

1800 - 1900

  • 1830 Transfer of forestry teaching from Berlin to Eberswalde, lectures begin until 1860 under Friedrich Leopold Pfeil
  • 1842 Opening of the Berlin - Eberswalde - Szczecin railway line
  • 1878 Foundation of the royal main workshop for the repair of locomotives and carriages of the later Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (Imperial Railway Repair Works)

1900 - 2000

  • 1905 Inauguration of the new town hall in Breite Straße
  • 1910 - 1940 Tram operation
  • 1911 Eberswalde becomes an independent city
  • 1912 Inauguration of the new production facilities of the Eberswalde company Ardelt on Heegermühler Straße
  • 1913 The most important Bronze Age gold find in Germany is discovered during excavation work in the brassworks settlement.
  • 1914 Inauguration of the Hohenzollern Canal, today the Oder-Havel Canal
  • 1940 Start of the trolleybus service
  • 1945 Destruction of the old town centre by the German Luftwaffe in April. 1/3 of the buildings are destroyed.
  • 1963 Closure of the Faculty of Forestry for political reasons
  • 1970 Merger of the towns of Eberswalde and Finow under the name Eberswalde-Finow
  • 1978 Inauguration of the residential area "Max Reimann" (1989 approx. 15,000 inhabitants), from 1993 Brandenburg Quarter
  • 1979 Opening of the Small Gallery
  • 1990 06. May: First free local elections in East Germany after 1945
    19. June: Conclusion of the Delmenhorst-Eberswalde town twinning agreement
    25. November: The Angolan Amadeu Antonio is the victim of racist violence in Eberswalde and dies of his injuries on 6 December
  • 1992 Resumption of teaching at the newly founded Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences; decision on urban redevelopment
  • 1993 New formation of the district of Barnim, Eberswalde becomes district town, the municipalities of Sommerfelde and Tornow are incorporated
  • June Foundation of the town twinning Eberswalde - Delmenhorst
  • 1994 Withdrawal of the Russian armed forces from Eberswalde
  • 1996 Opening of the "Rathauspassage" as a shopping centre in the old town of Eberswalde
    Foundation of the Finow Canal Region Municipal Working Group (KAG)
  • 1997 Reopening of the museum in the reconstructed Adler pharmacy - in the town's oldest half-timbered building
    Prof Gunther Wolff, Rector of the university, receives the Federal Cross of Merit for his many years of voluntary work in the field of culture. He has been an honorary citizen of the city since 2013
  • 1999 11. September World sensation On this day, the world's largest pocket watch is opened, entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The work of art was created by Wilfried Schwuchow and now stands in the city's family garden.

2000 - Today

  • 2001 Irene Vahl and Christiane Grunert are honoured with the Federal Cross of Merit for their voluntary work in the cultural field.
    Former Superintendent General Erich Schuppan receives the Federal Cross of Merit for his life's work in the service of humanism and tolerance.
  • 2002 April to October: Eberswalde is the venue for the 2002 State Garden Show. Over 600,000 visitors have experienced the garden show on the post-industrial landscape on the Finow Canal as a modern park with lots of flowers and numerous leisure and recreational opportunities.
  • 2003 March: The Eberswalde Family Garden and Town Hall are opened on the former site of the State Garden Show.
    August: Opening of the Westend sports hall complex and the "baff" leisure pool
  • 2004 Eberswalde is celebrating its 750th anniversary. Events are being organised throughout the entire anniversary year.
  • 2005 April: Opening of the Wald-Solar-Heim
    November: Karin Friese receives the Federal Cross of Merit for decades of dedicated work in the field of numismatics and in the Verein für Heimatkunde zu Eberswalde e.V. (Eberswalde Local History Association).
  • 2006 1. January: Spechthausen is incorporated into Eberswalde
    4. October: Opening of the new railway station bridge Election of Friedhelm Boginski as mayor
  • 2007 13. April: The redesigned market square is officially opened
    1. July: Inauguration of the district administration building "Paul-Wunderlich-Haus" - with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel
    7. July: Sommerfelde celebrates its 700th anniversary - planting of a new elm tree
    14. July: Premiere of the event series "Good Morning Eberswalde"
    31. August: Eberswalde Information Centre for Wood Energy (E.I.C.H.E.) e.V. opens
    2. September: first city run with 125 running teams
    4. December: Inauguration of the renovated Finow water tower
  • 2008 8. March: Start of anniversary celebrations for 300 years of Spechthausen29. June: Paul Wunderlich becomes an honorary citizen of the city of Eberswalde
  • 2009 Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences honoured as "The greenest university" in the university ranking
    9. September: Handover of the historic brassworks estate after refurbishment
    9. November: Inauguration of Altstadtcarrée after street renovation and new paving
  • 2010 26. March Renaming of the University of Applied Sciences to "University for Sustainable Development"
    7. June: Honorary citizen Paul Wunderlich passes away
    7. December: Handover of Nordendpromenade after refurbishment
  • 2011 25. May: Renovation of "New Forestry Academy" completed
  • 2012 19. March: Ingrid Fischer, long-time museum director, receives the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany9. November: Completion of the sculpture "Growing with memory" on the ground plan of the former synagogue
  • 2013 13. May: 100 years of the discovery of the gold treasure
    21. - 23 June: Eberswalde hosts the Brandenburg State Music and Art School Days "Sound City 2013"
    9. November: Inauguration of the memorial site "Growing with remembrance" after completion of the facility - with Federal President Joachim Gauck
  • 2014 Award for the Märchenvilla as "Germany's most beautiful registry office"
    Federal Cross of Merit for Gert Schramm
    Opening of the Amadeu Antonio civic education centre
    Reopening of the museum after barrier-free refurbishment
    Eberswalde receives the title "Fair Trade City"
  • 2015 Awarding of the first Amadeu Antonio Prize
    Eberswalde becomes a Maerker municipality
    Eberswalde hosts the Choir and Orchestra Days
  • 2016 Eberswalde takes part in the national "City Cycling" competition for the first time, and has been a regular participant ever since
    Eberswalde Zoo awarded the "Q" seal of quality by the "Service Quality Germany" initiative
  • 2017 500. Edition "Good morning Eberswalde"
    50 years of the Eberswalde Forest Carnival
  • 2018 After a total of three years of negotiations with Deutsche Bahn AG, the
    The railway works are taken over by Schienenfahrzeugbau Wittenberge GmbH. As a result
    Saving the traditional industrial site and numerous local jobs
  • 2019 40 years of the small gallery
    15. Tiger bike tour
    90 years of Eberswalde Zoo
    30. The second edition of the Mayor's Cup
    Fire in the Maria Magdalena Church
  • 2020 Opening of office E in Michaelisstraße
    Concert series "Beethoven 250 in E."
    50 years of Eberswalde and Finow as one town
  • 2022 Götz Herrmann (non-party) is elected mayor
    25 years of the Eberswalde Museum in the Adler Pharmacy
    25. Eberswalde careers market at OSZ II
    25 years of the "Sonnenschein" daycare centre
    20 years of the "Kleiner Stern" after-school care centre