Stumbling Stones in Eberswalde

On 18 October 2004, Eberswalde was the second Brandenburg town after Lübben in which the artist Gunter Deminig laid Stolpersteine, which "...commemorate the fate of people who were persecuted, murdered, deported, expelled or driven to suicide during the National Socialist era." As described at

There are now 47 small memorial sites in our city that commemorate in this special way the Jewish and other citizens who once lived and worked here and enriched the city's society in so many different ways.

Since 25 May 2020, interested parties have been able to discover 50 stones on a digital map - via

It was created in and by the Cultural Office, also as a project by federal volunteers, and in close co-operation with the TUIV of the city administration. An important basis was provided by research carried out by the Traces of Jewish Life in Eberswalde initiative. This includes (where possible) information on the history of the people, information on when the stones were laid and who initiated the laying of the stones. These include schools, associations, families, individuals and institutions.

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