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As head of the Eberswalde fire brigade, I would like to welcome you to our homepage.

The Eberswalde fire brigade is one of the small fire brigades in Germany with the status of a professional fire brigade. Our website aims to inform you about the organisation, equipment and current events relating to the Eberswalde fire brigade.

If you are interested in volunteering in one of the six local fire brigades, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Nikolaus Meier

Head of the Eberswalde fire brigade

Latest news

Eberswalde fire brigade in the fire brigade magazine

The fire brigade magazine visited us back in May 2022. The editor, Mr S. Buchenau, accompanied us on two shifts and gained an insight into our day-to-day work.

In the November 2022 issue of Feuerwehr-Magazin, you can find out what the editor experienced with us. In the article, he reports on the operations and presents the Eberswalde fire brigade in detail. During these two days, a short film was also made for the report by the fire brigade magazine and published on YouTube.

Click here for the short film.


Name: Nikolaus Meier
Rank: Town fire councillor
Function: Head of office
in service since: 01 June 2002
Phone: 03334 / 64-370

Name: Helmut Colberg
Rank: Town fire officer
Function: Head of security / deputy head of office
in service since: 01 September 1984
Phone: 03334 / 64-372

Name: Eick Reimann
Rank: Fire Officer
Function: Head of the fire protection department
in service since: 01 October 2005
Phone: 03334 / 64-373

Name: Peter Redlich
Rank: Chief Fire Officer
Function: Clerk
in service since: 01 April 1986
Phone: 03334 / 64-371

Tour of the fire station

We offer guided tours of our fire station, especially for children's groups.

Are you an organisation or an association?

Then send us an enquiry using the online form below and we will find a suitable date. Groups of 10 to 30 participants are ideal for a visit. Allow approx. 2 hours for the tour. Of course, we adapt our programme to the age of the children and sometimes fulfil special requests.

If a mission intervenes, we must of course help!

Then the tour is interrupted, postponed or modified. So you have to be prepared for surprises.

What can you experience with us?

  • An eventful knowledge section with content on fire safety education, first aid and questions about life and work in the fire brigade.
  • In our miniature fire simulation house, you can observe the behaviour and spread of smoke in a house, as well as the reaction and effect of a smoke detector. We teach the correct behaviour in various dangerous situations.
  • Every child can experience a firefighter's training session up close in the breathing apparatus training area. Of course, only those who wish to do so and are not afraid to get a little dirty. Robust clothing is therefore appropriate and please bring it with you.
  • A guided tour of our fire station and a tour of the emergency vehicles are of course also part of the programme. The technology is shown and you can even touch it yourself.
  • The attack squad shows what equipment needs to be put on and taken along when extinguishing a fire in buildings.
  • Finally, of course, water is used to extinguish the fire! The raised flames in our practice fire house must be hit with the water jet and turned over. Here you have to work together as a team. One person pumps water, the other aims the water jet and the rest of the group "fires".

History of the fire brigade in Eberswalde

  • 1866 as the "Citizens' Association Fire Station"
  • In 1865, a "fire extinguishing regulation" was drawn up by the magistrate
  • The Eberswalde volunteer fire brigade was founded on 01 February 1875
  • In the early years of the 19th century, a great deal was invested in the technology and equipment of the fire brigade. In June 1910, the city councillors decided to purchase a turntable ladder.
  • 1901 Foundation of the Heegermühle volunteer fire brigade, now the Finow volunteer fire brigade

1933 to 1945

  • On 22 August 1934 A major fire destroys the main warehouse of the Märkisches Elektrizitätswerk, which was maintained as the central warehouse for supplying the entire northern Mark Brandenburg, as well as Mecklenburg and Pomerania.
  • 1939-1940 Due to the outbreak of war, many firefighters were called up for military service. The operational readiness of the Eberswalde volunteer fire brigade was maintained by a compulsory fire brigade and the Hitler Youth Fire Brigade.

1945 to 1990

  • After the end of the Second World War, the volunteer fire brigade in Eberswalde was disbanded. Many former members of the volunteer fire brigade joined the professional fire brigade.
  • 1947 Establishment of a professional fire brigade with 2 watch departments on 24-hour duty, each with 6 firefighters.
  • The state took over the administration of the professional fire brigade in the Soviet occupation zone.
  • Under the name "Kommando Feuerwehr", the fire brigade department was part of the structure of the German People's Police.
  • As a result of the increasing number of inhabitants and the industry that had settled here, the number of guards gradually increased from 6 to 15 per department.
  • A new structural change in administration took place in the post-reunification period.
  • The municipalities were now responsible for hazard prevention and ensuring an efficient fire service.
  • The "fire brigade command" with the previously integrated company fire brigades was dissolved.
  • New emergency response and preventive fire protection structures had to be created for the approx. 55,000 inhabitants.
  • The three volunteer fire brigades in existence at the time were only partially operational due to a lack of members.
  • In 1990, the Eberswalde town council decided to form a volunteer fire brigade with full-time staff. The 36 firefighters and the firefighting equipment were taken over from the existing fleet.
  • Three watch departments were formed, each with a strength of 9 firefighters.
  • In addition, the fire brigade took over an ambulance in the Eberswalde urban area in 1993. For this purpose, the number of staff was increased by 6 additional employees.
  • In 1994, the new main fire station for the full-time firefighters and the home station of the Finow volunteer fire brigade was built, which is still in use today. The Fire Service Technical Centre (FTZ) with its associated breathing apparatus training facility, the Barnim district control centre and the Barnim district's preventive fire and disaster protection services were integrated into this new building. In addition, the new main fire station building was used as a rescue centre for two ambulances, which are still permanently stationed there today.
  • In 2002, the professional fire brigade withdrew from the rescue service. Today, the rescue service in the entire district of Barnim is provided by Rettungsdienst GmbH des Landkreises Barnim.
  • The incorporation of the present-day districts of Sommerfelde, Tornow and Spechthausen increased the territory of the district town of Eberswalde.
  • In 2000, the city council decided to convert the volunteer fire brigade with full-time staff into a professional fire brigade.
  • The Eberswalde professional fire brigade currently has 37 firefighters, 4 colleagues in the management of the fire brigade and the fire protection service and 33 colleagues on duty.
  • The professional fire brigade is supported by 6 volunteer fire brigades with currently 129 active members:

Eberswalde, Finow, Clara-Zetkin-Siedlung, Sommerfelde, Tornow and Spechthausen fire brigades

Contact us

In an emergency, please call the emergency number directly: 112

(telephone emergency call for the fire brigade and rescue service of the Integrated Regional Control Centre North/East)

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