Eberswalde is growing! Ceremonial inauguration and sales launch in the new residential area on Christel-Brauns-Weg in Eberswalde

In the Eberswalde district of Finow, a brownfield site has been transformed into a finished building area thanks to a great deal of municipal commitment. On Tuesday, 23 April 2024, Mayor Götz Herrmann and Anne Fellner, Head of the Building Department and First Deputy Mayor, opened the new building site on Christel-Brauns-Weg together with many pioneers and companies involved.

Einweihung des Christel-Brauns-Wegs durch Bürgermeister Götz Herrmann, Herr Dr. Christian Brauns und Herr Manfred Brauns Einweihung des Christel-Brauns-Wegs durch Bürgermeister Götz Herrmann, Herr Dr. Christian Brauns und Herr Manfred Brauns

The inauguration of the path itself was also a very special highlight. Together with the Brauns family, the head of the city unveiled a freshly designed and placed street sign with the life data of Dr Christel Brauns. In 2018, the city councillors had clearly decided to name the new street to be built after the socially committed paediatrician, who was born in Eberswalde.

Just over a year ago, the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony took place on the former barracks site in the Finow district.[1] The new residential area has now been fully developed and the city of Eberswalde is starting to market the 57 building plots for sale free of commission. 19 of these can be purchased under the so-called "local resident model"[2]. All information as well as the procedural modalities can be found on the website of the city of Eberswalde at Building & urban development to find.

The construction work was carried out by STS Schwedter Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH, while IPROconsult (Berlin branch) was responsible for the planning. Around 523 metres of new road including rainwater infiltration systems, access roads to the properties, a granite road border, a playground, an area with a basketball hoop and the facilities for supplying and disposing of the properties, including a wastewater pumping station, were built for the new residential area.

The new residential area offers the best of both worlds - modernity and closeness to nature. In order to be prepared for the future, the city of Eberswalde took water storage and retention measures into account and connected the residential area to broadband throughout. The nearby Finow cemetery and Biesenthaler Straße are within walking distance. The neighbourhood also boasts close proximity to the forest. Designed as a traffic-calmed ring road, the development offers a connection to Karl-Marx-Ring, a playground area and a basketball court. "It is important for the city of Eberswalde to develop a wide variety of property and housing options. With the development of the residential area on Christel-Brauns-Weg, we are making an important contribution to this. The project, which was designed by the city itself, is making a significant contribution to this," emphasised Mayor Götz Herrmann in his introductory remarks.

The family of Dr Christel Brauns was visibly touched by the city's gesture of naming the new street and Manfred Brauns wished all newcomers a carefree and pleasant life in the area that will indirectly bear his late wife's name in the future.

With the inauguration of the Christel Brauns Way, the city of Eberswalde honours Dr Christel Brauns as a long-time committed paediatric specialist and city councillor in Eberswalde. She was also instrumental in setting up the outpatient and inpatient hospice work in Eberswalde.

[1] Press release 44/2023

[2] Land and property offers