Eberswalde registry office temporarily moves to the town hall

Due to the ongoing staff shortage, the situation at the Eberswalde registry office remains very tense. As a result, several cooperation agreements have been concluded with neighbouring registry offices, which in particular carry out the notarisation of births and deaths. In order to be able to coordinate the distribution of tasks of the cooperating registry offices more effectively and to create additional stability guarantees and synergy effects for citizens, the Eberswalde registry office will temporarily move to the premises of Eberswalde town hall and thus to the central headquarters of the city administration from 17 October 2023. The municipal infrastructure of the Citizens' Office, to which the registry office is formally assigned, can therefore be utilised more effectively at present, making it easier to provide services to the public.

Wedding ceremonies can of course be held in "Germany's most beautiful registry office" (awarded in 2014) in the Märchenvilla. You can reach us by telephone via the established lines 03334/64-152, -167, -168 and the relevant functional e-mail address standesamt@eberswalde.de remains in place.

At the same time, all citizens are asked to be patient while their applications are processed. We also ask that you refrain from enquiring about the current processing status in person or by telephone, if possible, in order to avoid unnecessarily prolonging the processing time.