Mayoral consultation hours continue

Following the positive response last year, the monthly mayoral consultation is to be continued in 2023. The citizen participation format aims to promote and intensify the proximity between the mayor and citizens. Mayor Götz Herrmann invites people to the town hall for direct discussions at 4 pm each month. Interested parties are asked to register in advance by email via or call 03334 / 64-515 to register for the consultation.

"I am happy to be available to all Eberswalde residents for direct discussions at eye level. I look forward to a lively exchange and constructive suggestions for our daily work. I also hope to be able to clear up some uncertainties or concerns directly in this short way," said the mayor.

Dates for the mayor's office hours in 2023:

- Tuesday, 07 February 2023
- Tuesday, 07 March 2023
- Tuesday, 04 April 2023
- Tuesday, 09 May 2023
- Tuesday, 06 June 2023
- Tuesday, 01 August 2023
- Tuesday, 05 September 2023
- Tuesday, 10 October 2023
- Tuesday, 07 November 2023
- Tuesday, 05 December 2023

All dates take place at 4 pm.