Meeting of the generations at the "Spielhaus" daycare centre

The 10th Eberswalde Family Week took place from 15 May 2024 to 1 June 2024 under the motto "Generations in dialogue". The municipal daycare centre "Spielhaus" took this motto very literally and facilitated a kind of "meeting of the generations" within this framework. Senior citizens from Camilla "Tagespflege auf dem Lande" GmbH met the children from the "Spielhaus" daycare centre.

They enthusiastically presented "their" playground and the daycare centre's raised beds. They spent a pleasant morning playing, dancing and singing together while enjoying drinks and cake. The "Spielhaus" daycare centre has been working with Camilla "Tagespflege auf dem Lande" GmbH since 2016. In line with the principle of "lifelong learning", this enables an exchange of experiences from which both sides benefit. This brings the children into contact with different phases of life, while the mental activity of the senior citizens is fuelled by the children's zest for life and curiosity.

Several meetings take place each year as part of the cooperation agreement. During the summer, the "Spielhaus children" will visit the senior citizens in the day care centre in the countryside in Hohenfinow.