"Mobility in cities" survey from January 2023

For the second time since 2018, the city of Eberswalde would like to take part in the "Mobility in Cities" (SrV 2023) transport survey. This is a representative survey of Eberswalde's citizens on their everyday transport behaviour. Among other things, the aim is to determine whether and with which means of transport they travel in their everyday lives. The question of the distances travelled also plays a role.

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As the requirements for mobility can vary greatly from person to person, the survey also asks, for example, about possession of a driving licence, accessibility of stops and the time required for daily journeys. There are no restrictions in terms of age, gender, nationality or main or secondary residence.

The survey is scheduled to begin in January 2023 and last around twelve months. Selected households will receive a letter informing them about the survey. The city of Eberswalde is asking for as much participation as possible, as each household represents a part of the overall population. Only through their active participation can representative data be obtained, which is essential for needs-based transport planning. However, participation in the survey is of course voluntary.

People who rarely travel are also expressly invited to participate, as the transport behaviour of the entire resident population is to be recorded. The project provides important findings and basic data for mobility planning and transport policy.

The survey institute O.trend collects and anonymises the information from the households surveyed and passes the data on to the Technical University of Dresden for analysis.

The questions can be answered flexibly via online access on the Internet. Alternatively, trained interview staff are available on the phone. A telephone hotline and web chat are also available.

Compliance with the provisions of data protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is guaranteed. The anonymised evaluation of the collected data enables a differentiated picture of urban mobility for all residents of the city of Eberswalde.

Further information is also available at https://tu-dresden.de/srv to find. A free information hotline is available on 0800 830 1 830 for citizens who have been contacted.