State of play: road construction measures in Eberswalde

The city of Eberswalde recognises the importance of functional infrastructure and so the excavators in Waldstadt rarely stand still.

Baustelle Baustelle

"Road construction measures totalling around 5,000,000 euros are currently being carried out throughout the city so that citizens can travel on Eberswalde's roads as comfortably and barrier-free as possible, which is very important to both city politicians and the city administration," says Anne Fellner, Head of the Building Department and First Deputy Mayor.

Examples include the road construction measures in Max-Lullstrasse, Carl-von-Ossietzkystrasse and Wiesenstrasse west of Kupferhammerweg.

The former has been upgraded since mid-June 2021. Various modernisation works are taking place here over a total length of around 600 metres. For example, the construction of a new sedimentation system and a special system for draining rainwater into the Eichwerderendgraben via a retention basin. New street lighting is also being installed. Around 32 freshly planted trees will line the street from autumn and provide even more greenery in Ostend. The construction work here is due to be completed by the end of 2022. So far, the project is on schedule. The total cost of this measure is around 1,700,000 euros, financed by the city of Eberswalde.

Work on the first construction phase in Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße began at the end of April 2022 (see also press release no. 85/2022 dated 22 April 2022). The city's contract here includes the new construction of the road and access roads, as well as the construction of surface drainage including property connection pipes and the new construction of street lighting. The planting of around 67 trees is also planned. The current work (between Lessingstrasse and Schillerstrasse) is expected to last until the end of December 2022. Work will then continue in January 2023 in the area between Goethestraße and Schillerstraße. This will also have to be fully closed for the construction work. Construction work is currently expected to end in December 2023. Funding will be provided by a combination of municipal and urban development funds. The total cost is around 1,850,000 euros.

A new sedimentation system for draining rainwater into the Kupferhammer ditch is also being built in Wiesenstraße over a length of 410 metres. The work is expected to be completed at the end of August 2023. This also includes the renewal of the street lighting and the planting of approx. 23 new trees. The total costs for this measure are around 960,000 euros, financed by the city of Eberswalde and partly by development contributions.

"We would like to thank all residents affected by the unavoidable traffic restrictions caused by the construction work for their patience. We would also like to thank the construction companies for their uncomplicated assistance to local residents and their hard work for our city," says Anne Fellner.

Photo: Hard at work: Construction workers Toralf Lumpe and Henry Lorenz explain the construction progress in Max-Lull-Straße to Anne Fellner, first councillor and head of the building department, and Heike Köhler, head of the civil engineering department.