Sports promotion

The city of Eberswalde sees the promotion of sports enthusiasts within and outside of clubs as an important cross-sectional task between promoting health, social cohesion and a vibrant city.

The "Guidelines for the municipal promotion of sport in the city of Eberswalde" provide the legal basis for this.

The City of Eberswalde provides grants for sports projects with the aim of promoting children's and youth sports as well as mass sports, in particular sports for the disabled. Funding can be provided for individual, defined projects in the field of sport in the following areas:

  • Membership promotion for children and young people up to the age of 18
  • Project funding for sports clubs and other non-profit organisations
  • Sports groups/initiatives
  • Club co-operations/mergers
  • value-preserving and value-enhancing measures for sports clubs (investment sports promotion)

Legal basis