Building & urban development

Discover everything you need to know about construction projects, property offers and plans and concepts that are shaping the future of our city. Here you will find information on current construction projects, available plots of land and the long-term development plans that are driving our city forward. Find out how we are working together to create a liveable and sustainable future for our community.

What is urban development doing?

Urban development planning controls and coordinates the overall spatial, economic and social development of the city. It is a process that is constantly being updated and fed back and requires an interdisciplinary, integrated and forward-looking approach. Urban development is facing new challenges due to social trends and framework conditions such as demographic change, globalisation, the anchoring of sustainability and climate protection at local level, new participation structures and financial problems in the public sector. in 2007, the city of Eberswalde redefined the strategic and integrated basis for future urban development in a broad-based planning and participation process.

The integrated urban development concept forms the basis for the forthcoming urban reorganisation and design process. In March 2008, the city council adopted the integrated urban development concept "Eberswalde 2020 Strategy". The continuous monitoring of urban development processes also requires adjustments and updates to urban development strategies. In 2014, the new urban development strategy with a planning horizon of 2030 was adopted by the city council.

The urban development concept presents guiding principles, strategies and key measures for various subject areas such as housing, work, social infrastructure, transport and economic development and thus offers the possibility of counteracting foreseeable negative trends and at the same time sustainably promoting potential for the longer-term development of the city. In addition to the city-wide and longer-term conceptualisation of urban development, planning considerations are also made at a sub-regional level and within specialist planning. These include, for example, district development concepts for Finow and the Brandenburg Quarter, integrated transport development planning and the retail and centre concept. Urban planning instruments such as the land use plan and the development plans form the basis for an urban development-orientated implementation of the previously developed action strategies.

The urban development funding programmes can be used in a targeted manner for the solution-oriented elimination of urban development, functional and social deficiencies, which Eberswalde is still not free of 20 years after reunification. Strengthening the inner city and the centres, reducing housing surpluses, achieving infrastructural improvements, upgrading areas affected by shrinking processes, strengthening civic engagement and promoting networks are some of the important fields of action of the urban renewal programmes, as they are also used in Eberswalde.

Climate protection, intergenerational equity, accessibility and demographic change are current issues that, when considered today and taken into account in all planning, have positively influenced the city in all its functions and thus ensure its sustainable existence. Personal initiative and civic involvement as well as the networking of activities have become increasingly important in the city of Eberswalde. Identification with and quality of life in the town of Eberswalde cannot be imposed - you can only shape it yourself. Take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved in the planning and implementation processes and to find out more about them.

Eine Aussicht fotografiert aus einem Fenster der Stadt Eberswalde. Eine Aussicht fotografiert aus einem Fenster der Stadt Eberswalde.

Building in Eberswalde

Find out everything you need to know about building documents and monument protection in our city.

Eine grüne Ansicht eines Flusses mit vorbeifahrendem Velofahrer. Eine grüne Ansicht eines Flusses mit vorbeifahrendem Velofahrer.

Climate, environment and sustainability

Eberswalde is actively committed to protecting our environment and creating sustainable solutions for a future worth living. Discover our projects, initiatives and tips on how you can make your own contribution to environmental protection.

Ein BARshare E-Auto an einer Ladesäule vor einem Backsteingebäude Ein BARshare E-Auto an einer Ladesäule vor einem Backsteingebäude


Discover our initiative to promote e-mobility and find out more about charging stations, funding programmes and innovative projects.

Plans and concepts

Here you will find all information on current plans and concepts for urban development and construction in Eberswalde.

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Land and property offers

All current land and property offers in the city of Eberswalde can be found here.

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