Building documents

Complete and consistent building documents are essential for the building supervisory authority to be able to process a building application efficiently. These avoid additional claims and support the prompt granting of planning permission.

Notes and explanations

Electronic building documents

In accordance with the Building Documents Ordinance (BbgBauVorlV), the client is also obliged to submit all building documents in electronic form in the PDF or PDF/A format to be submitted. As the project for a building project is now predominantly developed with software support by the draftsmen and draftswomen, the basis for the creation of electronic building documents has already been created. They therefore make a significant contribution to speeding up the building inspection procedure.

Declaration of conformity

By submitting the application, the client declares that the building documents submitted in electronic form are to be submitted together with the paper copies correspond completely in scope, version, content, presentation and scale. The building inspectorate is not obliged to check the consistency of the electronic form with the paper form. In the event of inconsistencies, the paper version shall apply. Signatures are not required on the electronic building documents, as these are to be provided on the documents submitted in paper form.

Utilisation concepts or multi-page application forms can be summarised as one file. However, certificates, declarations, operating and building specifications and technical building documents must be saved as individual files.

Is there Sample filing structure and suggestions for file names?

Yes, this can support you List when submitting digital construction documents. The selected file names of the documents must File content, Version and Version date can be recognised. For example, "Ground floor floor plan as-built V1 20210125". Please do not use any special characters or punctuation marks in the file names (: , /. = % / § [ ] % & # \ ? * " " < > +).

You can find all the information you need on the requirements for electronic building documents in our Flyer. Please note that with the entry into force of the amended BbgBauVorlV, electronic building documents are now mandatory, contrary to the information in the flyer.