Call for the 2023 volunteer award

At the beginning of next year, Mayor Götz Herrmann and the "Volunteering" working group once again want to honour particularly committed citizens of the city of Eberswalde for their voluntary work. For this reason, the "Volunteering" working group is asking for suggestions.

People of all ages who are civically engaged and do good can be considered for this award. The volunteer award is presented in the areas of social welfare, sport, culture, environmental protection, nature conservation and animal welfare.

The social area includes neighbourhood assistance, pastoral care, family support, integration and inclusion work, fire and disaster protection, children and youth work and commitment for all generations. It is also possible to nominate people who were previously involved in community volunteering. There is also the possibility of honouring charitable initiatives, associations, organisations and companies that are particularly committed to the common good of the city.

The "Volunteering" working group, which is once again being led by Julia Lindner this year, is therefore asking for proposals with a meaningful explanation. The relevant form can be found here. It can also be obtained from the Volunteer Agency in the Amadeu Antonio Citizens' Education Centre at Puschkinstraße 13, as well as in the Town Hall at the Citizens' Information Desk at Breite Straße 41-44. The closing date for entries is 31 October 2023.

Proposals can be sent by post to:

AG Ehrenamt - c/o City of Eberswalde
Officer for citizen contact and club life
Breite Straße 41-44, 16225 Eberswalde

as well as by e-mail to be submitted.