Impairment of the traffic situation in the urban area

Due to a major demonstration that has been announced, there will be considerable traffic disruption on Monday, 8 January 2024. In particular, the main roads 167 and 168 (B 167/B 168) and the city centre area will be severely affected. According to current information, a two- to three-hour assembly is expected on the market square in Eberswalde from 12 noon. No parking zones will be set up in the adjacent car park along the B 167. There will also be considerable disruption to local public transport.

As part of the demonstration, a vehicle parade will be travelling through the district of Barnim, passing through the city of Eberswalde. The town of Eberswalde will therefore only be one of several starting points for the demonstrators. Coming from Finowfurt towards the city centre, the demonstration will pass through the city area in the direction of Tiefensee. 8 January 2024 marks the start of a nationwide week of action in connection with agricultural policy.

The city of Eberswalde is in close dialogue with those responsible. Mayor Götz Herrmann refers to the "right to assemble and demonstrate as a cornerstone of our democracy", while at the same time pointing out the potential difficulties that Eberswalde residents would have to take into account when travelling to and from work, schools and daycare centres and generally when carrying out their daily routines.

All road users are requested to observe the traffic restriction, the resulting obstruction to traffic and the corresponding signage. The Barnim police command centre is available to answer any questions.