Redesign of the Brandenburg Quarter promenade

Felling and clearing work for the redesign of the promenade between Spechthausener Straße and Schwedter Straße in the Brandenburgisches Viertel will be carried out in the week commencing 26 February 2024. The actual construction work to create a new path will be carried out in April and May 2024.

Ein Weg Ein Weg

As the route in the area of the Heidewald car park is covered by a private path, but the owner intends to change its use, the continuous path connection must be relocated to a municipal parcel of land. The course of the promenade will be adapted accordingly.

Cooperation in the neighbourhood

As the housing association Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft 1893 e. G. has also planned a path in the area of the apartment block at Prenzlauer Straße 36-52, the housing association and the city of Eberswalde are working together. They are working together on a new path on municipal land between Schwedter Strasse and Prenzlauer Strasse. The construction work and financing will be shared.

This will require the clearing of trees and shrubs over a length of 120 metres and a width of around four and a half metres. Once the promenade has been completed, native tree species are expected to be planted alongside the path in autumn 2024 to replace them.

The path will be around 140 metres long, two and a half metres wide, paved with concrete paving stones and equipped with lighting.

We apologise for any possible restrictions during the execution work.