The programme for the first "Waldstadt Festival" is complete - let's go festival

Authentic on the one hand - brand new and creative on the other. The Eberswalde Waldstadt Festival will kick off on 31 May 2024 with a grand opening night on the city promenade. It's the start of an unforgettable weekend. Freddy Fischer and his incredible Cosmic Rocktime Band and the Stuttgart-based indie pop musicians from Neeve will kick things off. Anyone who knows Eberswalde will also be familiar with the Schuppen disco. Let yourself be carried away in the perfect dance into the morning of the festival Saturday.

Waldstadt Festival Poster Waldstadt Festival Poster

The programme on 1 June 2024 is also colourful - theatre, street art, comedy, a flea market, clubs, institutions and friends of the city, culinary delights and, above all, lots of music await guests for the entire duration of the festival. There is something for every taste and every generation. Acts such as "Raum27", "Futurebae", "Soffie" and "Tristan Brusch" will be performing on the festival's eight stages. But well-known names such as Vera Thaxton, the "Kombo Kalesch", the "Choriner Musiksommer", the Lukins and many more are also on the list for an eventful day.

"The programme is set, the festival can begin. For the first edition of our 'Waldstadt Festival', we have been able to put together an incredibly diverse and original programme. It is authentic, creative and unifying. The people of Eberswalde and their guests won't have to look far to find something suitable," says Mayor Götz Herrmann, assessing the programme.

You can also find an overview of the programme on the various channels of the city of Eberswalde. Analogue and digital. Take a look at our website at over.

Or take a look directly at the programme at Waldstadt Festival.

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