"Löwenherz" daycare centre and ProCurand conclude cooperation agreement

The municipal daycare centre "Löwenherz" and the "ProCurand Residenz Nordend", which is still under construction, are neighbours. The two facilities are located opposite each other, with only Poratzstrasse running between them. Since 23 May 2024, the two have been linked not only by their physical proximity, as a cooperation agreement "for an interactive intergenerational connection" came into force on this date, linking both the daycare centre and the future senior citizens' residence. Mayor Götz Herrmann, daycare centre director Lucia Dietze, the managing director of ProCurand Dienstleistungs GmbH, Eileen Philipp, and the company's pre-opening manager, Matthias Küßner, signed the relevant documents on the morning of 23 May on the premises of the daycare centre. They then visited the construction site of the "ProCurand Residenz Nordend" at Poratzstrasse 48.

The cooperation agreement is intended to facilitate the exchange of experiences between the generations. Through joint activities that take into account the interests of young and old, a sense of community is to be created from which both sides can benefit. "Children in their uninhibited, curious way encourage and support the joy of life of senior citizens. The senior citizens' knowledge is extensive and the children use it to discover the world," the agreement states. Furthermore, "the children come into contact with different phases of life. They are made aware of the cycle of life. (...) A positive environment is created that promotes joie de vivre, creativity and mental activity".

Both sides have committed to drawing up an annual framework plan at least once a year and evaluating their joint activities. Community experiences and events, such as summer parties or lantern parades, are also to be planned. There will also be a "generation time" once a month for participatory handicrafts, reading aloud or making music. Gardening projects are also conceivable during the warmer months of the year.

The "Löwenherz" daycare centre currently looks after children from the age of 2 to the age of 6. The conceptual focus of the centre is the so-called "Reggio pedagogy". This is known for treating children as equals and seeing them as natural explorers. This corresponds perfectly with the aim of the "ProCurand Residenz Nordend" to create a "holistic network" in order to provide the residents of the residence with "a wide range of services" and "comprehensive, high-quality care". The services offered by the "ProCurand Residenz Nordend" include serviced living, shared flats, day care and an outpatient nursing service.