Volunteering means working for an organisation voluntarily and without remuneration. Volunteering covers numerous areas of activity in which you can do good. The reasons for social commitment are manifold. Originally, voluntary work mainly referred to taking on public offices in organisations, such as board member, treasurer or secretary positions. Today, the term is broader and encompasses all forms of voluntary work.

Volunteer card for civic engagement

Civic engagement is an important cornerstone of our democratic society. It promotes the development of more democracy, participation and self-determination. Civic engagement encompasses a wide variety of forms of engagement that are not always clearly distinguishable from one another, such as "honorary office", "volunteering", "voluntary social engagement", "volunteering" or "voluntary services".

The quality of life in Eberswalde is enhanced and characterised by voluntary work in social, cultural, church and sporting areas. Civic engagement promotes togetherness, shapes our life together and is therefore of inestimable value. For this reason, those citizens who have made a special contribution through their exceptional commitment deserve our thanks, appreciation and support.

The city of Eberswalde promotes voluntary work with the "Guideline for the Recognition of Civic Commitment". Applications can be made for the volunteer card together with a mobility allowance of max. 120.00 euros for one year. The volunteer card entitles the holder to discounted admission to municipal facilities such as the zoo, family garden, museum, municipal library or events organised by the Department of Culture. In addition, funding can be applied for for training and further education in voluntary work.

The proof of activity also serves as an application for the volunteer card.

Guidelines for recognising civic engagement in the city of Eberswalde

Attachment: Proof of activity

Promotion of social measures - Social Promotion Directive (from 01.01.2023)

Weg durchs Grüne in einem Park in Eberswalde. Weg durchs Grüne in einem Park in Eberswalde.

Volunteering in Eberswalde

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